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Our situation in the zone of Pallice allows us to benefit from harbor facilities as well as from present various skills on this site.




Our means and production tools

 Our company has 4000 m ²(workshops on the area of shipping repair of the Atlantic Port of La Rochelle.
Our buildings are equipped with 6 overhead cranes and with the park following

· 2 folding machines 4 and 2m

· 1 guillotine of 3m drill radial road, marble

· 14 welding generators

· Digitally operated boring machine 4 centre capacity 4000x2000

· Vertical turning machine on digitally operated Ø 2500

· Milling machine 3000x1000x1000 digitally operated

· Horizontal turning machine 8m between points

· 5 conventional turning machine

· 2 milling machines

· 1 complete equipment for the welding of the thermoplastic pipes until Ø on 1200

Our boilermakers are skilled  BV
Our plasturgistes are skilled by the institute of Weld
Measures of thickness by skilled personnel BV